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Month – October 2004

Real Life, Found in Death

I had a rather unusual experience today. I was spreading out newspapers to carve our Halloween pumpkin and the spread was on the obituary page for about ten days ago. Along with the standard form listings, there were a number of display ads, placed as memorials to folks who have gone, sometimes a year or […]

Victory party music?

Yes, darn it, I’m an optomist. (It’s either that or go mad.) On Monday night, when Joe and I were in the car, talking about the election, the local classical music station was playing the “Ode to Joy.” Joe asked me, “If Kerry wins, should we play this for the neighborhood?” I said, “This and […]

NaNoWriMo ideas

A few days ago I decided I’ll try my hand at the National Novel Writing month project, after Ali pointed it out. I’ve got it narrowed down to four ideas that I think I could have a go at, and I’d be curious to hear from any of you about which might be the best […]

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