Who Is Sailbourne? (About Me)

japanese traditional character - maneki neko on a white background

Hi!  I’m Sailbourne, better known as Jamie Lawson.

Sailbourne has been my principal Internet identity since my first AOL account (hey, we all gotta start somewhere!) back in 1995 or so. But it has in fact been one of my “alter egos” since 1988, and the second Star Wars RPG character I created, an elderly female Jedi named Dorian Sailbourne.  (I wanted something that would echo “Skywalker” but still be original.  “Dorian” comes from both a famous soap opera character and one from an obscure British science fiction show.)

In my real life I am a married woman in her early fifties who makes a living as a technical artist and web designer.  I have been building websites since 1998, when I worked with plain vanilla HTML code in Notepad. Some of the content on these pages goes back that far, though much has been changed and updated many times in the meanwhile.  I have been working with WordPress to build websites for over a decade.

I have been writing stories from about the time I could hold a pencil; my latest efforts include audio drama scripts for Ollin Productions and the Willamette Radio Workshop, and a short-format podcast called It Was 20 Years Ago Today. This last, as many of my stories are, was literally inspired by a dream.

Other writing efforts have sprung out of my role-playing games, a hobby I’ve had since 1980. I’ve created comprehensive game worlds for both Dungeons & Dragons and the pulp adventure game Justice Inc. My pulp adventure game world is now called The Chamber of Mystery, and I’ve begun an effort to document it all on a blog.

I have way too many other hobbies that overfill way too little free time. There are so many cool things to learn and do out there, and I’m still trying to face the fact I won’t be able to try them all in this life.


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