Recommitting, despite weariness

So much has been happening: so much work, my grandmother’s death and her funeral, a quick trip north for a cat show, and then getting sick. Will there be any time soon when I can rest? I know that I face a lot more work, a party which is going to require roleplaying, trying to … Continue Reading


Sooner or later, stupidity catches up to you. It did to me last night. It looks like I may have to seriously consider declaring bankruptcy to get rid of the credit card debt load I created for myself. Even with that, I’m still going to have to work hard and lots of overtime to make … Continue Reading

A Few More Whines for the Cellar

This is getting to be too much fun. The only person who shows any interest in buying my cats wants one cheap and wants it declawed Maxis has finally added pets to The Sims, but you gotta buy an add on and when am I gonna have that kind of money? Certain twerpy kids are … Continue Reading

No Cheese, But I Just Gotta Whine

Okay, so here’s my whines for the day. I’ve spent over $700 in the past year on advertising for the cattery, and haven’t sold cat one from any of it The harder I work, the more in debt I am Just for one night, I’d like to sleep without constant weird dreams This damn headache … Continue Reading


Struggling with work against the desire to sleep. This has been happening for such a long time. I don’t know if it is depression or if I really am this chronically sleep deprived. All I’m really sure of is that as much as I love my work, I would rather be playing with my cats, … Continue Reading

The power of dreams

I’m still amazed by how much power dreams seem to have. For quite a few days this week, I slept for eight hours and still woke exhasted — after a night of miserable, dreary or frightening dreams. Yet this morning, I felt energized and refreshed after just 6 and a half hours — because, perhaps, … Continue Reading

A very long night

I think it’s because of the Prozac that I have very vivid dreams, and a lot of them. Sometimes it makes it really hard to feel rested. Last night was like that, and the last of the dreams was the worst of all. I’m almost afraid to sleep tonight. Maybe it will get better as … Continue Reading

Rest in peace, Leo

I’ve just learned that Leo McKern has died. It might be ironic that the role he’s most famous for — Rumpole of the Bailey — is the one I knew the least about. I only saw that show a few times. But I loved his work on The Prisoner, and the movie Ladyhawke. I think … Continue Reading

And so it begins …

Yes, I caved in and finally decided to start my own weblog. The look and feel of the page will no doubt change frequently over the next few weeks. To those of you who have yet to meet me, welcome. Current cat count: 17