Preventing the next Orlando — the Cumulative Act Effect

Experts in risk analysis have a model they use to describe the dynamics of disasters and our efforts to prevent them.  It’s called the cumulative act effect, or more frequently (and popularly) the Swiss cheese model.  In short, it imagines the systems we put in place to prevent accidents and disasters like layers of Swiss […]

Monday Meme #19 — Leslie Charteris

Leslie Charteris (1907-1993) created one of the most enduring characters of adventure fiction: Simon Templar, aka The Saint.  This quote is from one of the early Saint stories.  

Monday Meme #17 — Fascism In America

In case anyone thought that the candidacy of Donald Trump was entirely without precedent, I offer up Huey Long.  If you try a Google image search for him, you will very quickly find I’m not the first to think so.