Wordpress Websites

Sites I've built or rebuilt in Wordpress.

Digging Family Roots
Website for New York based professional genealogist Laura Lee. A website allows her to work with clients nationwide!
FUSE Audio Design
FUSE Audio Design, home of master audio designer and composer Marc Rose. We worked together to choose a theme that fit the look and feel Marc wanted, I set up the site, and Marc has taken over the maintenance and updating.
Lean Advantage LLC
Lean Advantage LLC provides consulting and services to help businesses bring order to chaos.
Lorna Miller -- Western Hummingbird
Website of musician and author Lorna Miller, the Western Hummingbird. Presently using Wordpress theme Twenty Sixteen. Most recently I created new, high-resolution header images for the website to replace the original images which had been used on the site since at least 2010.
Riding With Rhythm
Website for the Riding With Rhythm riding school in Williamstown, Kentucky. This site features information about the lessons and programs offered, and many pictures of the facilities, events, and the horses who are the stars of the show!
San Fernando Valley Football Officials Association
Informational and resource website for the SFVFOA, an association of high school football officials in Southern California. I transitioned this website from an older installation written mostly in Microsoft Frontpage to an updated WordPress site using the current default WP theme, Twenty Nineteen. This will make it easy for the site's users to update and maintain the content themselves.
Scary Home Companion
Promoting "Scary Home Companion," a horror-comedy podcast with episodes recorded during live stage performances.
Tuned Into Wellness
Home of sound and vibrational healer Lee Gartman. We worked together to build a website that reflected Lee's style and the nature of her healing work, and that she can maintain and add content to easily!

Single Page Sites

Single page websites built outside of the Wordpress platform.

Jane Bennett Acts.
Single page website for actor and voiceover artist Jane Bennett, showcasing her demo reels.
Phillip A. Rudolph
This is a three-page site for actor and voiceover artist Phillip A. Rudolph. Links on the front page lead to separate pages hosting video of Phil's performances and vocal demos. This site also includes a separate mobile version.