A Few More Whines for the Cellar

This is getting to be too much fun.

  • The only person who shows any interest in buying my cats wants one cheap and wants it declawed
  • Maxis has finally added pets to The Sims, but you gotta buy an add on and when am I gonna have that kind of money?
  • Certain twerpy kids are patently ignoring complaints
  • I’m probably going to have more night shift work next week
  • this damn headache STILL won’t go away!

On a more serious note, my grandmother is still in the hospital, not getting better when she should have been days ago. I have a bad feeling about this. I’ll miss her. Maybe more than my mom will, but I have to wonder how she will react if the worst happens soon. She hasn’t had much good to say about her mom lately, but … you never know, do you?

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