Why the 20 Years Ago Podcast Is Coming Back

I bring a lot of my own memory and experience to the history in “It Was 20 Years Ago Today.”  It’s fascinating because I can look back at events which I knew at the time were world-changing.  But, even more interesting, I can also look at events which were, on the day, not a big […]

Topics on the Teahouse for April 15, 2011

A sampling of topics posted this week on the Starlight Teahouse forums (all links should open in a new window or tab): Links to pictures of Playland at the Beach, a San Francisco landmark in the time of the Chamber of Mystery game (in The Chamber Vestibule) Discussion of the match-fixing scandal in Japanese professional […]

We’ve Spilled It All Before — Proposal

(Crossposted on Daily Kos and should appear on Facebook as well.) As I write this, it looks like the BP – Deepwater Horizon oil spill may actually be coming to an end. The actual spillage, anyway. Despite the White House’s claim that three quarters of the oil spilled is now gone, the effects of this […]

Dusting Out the Virtual Rooms — an Invitation to the Teahouse

Getting back on track with a weekly (at least) posting, after skipping half of January and all of February. Right after my declaration of intent to focus on the most important things and get more organized, life threw us a very big curve: Joe’s dad passed away. We were in San Jose for ten days, […]

New Year, New Plans

It is the beginning of a new year, the beginning of a new decade (as some reckon it), and a shade over five months since I posted anything here.  I wasn’t going to make a New Year’s resolution (having been pretty dismal about such things over the years), but a couple of days into January, […]

The Starlight Teahouse Is Open For Business!

Looking for a relaxed, easy-going online spot to chat about the latest in news, events, and pop culture?  Want a place to compare notes on writing, art, sports … or tea?  Looking for a friendly place to share your favorite pet stories? Writers — want a fun place to talk about the great art and […]

i can has home for turkyday?

I’m assuming that most of you who read my journal are outside the Portland area, but just in case, I wanted to share this: Humane Society Needs You (to adopt a cat) Short version: the shelter’s full, they don’t kill cats for lack of space, but they can’t take in any more until they adopt […]

Portland feels a little bigger today

I suspect the Portland Art Museum will be a bit more crowded for a while, beginning mid November, as people come to see something really special: A Van Gogh Arrives in Portland(from the OregonLive website) This will be the first Van Gogh in any museum in the Northwest. Luckily, I don’t think I have to […]

quote for the day, and an invitation

“If you dig it, do it. And if you really dig it, do it twice.” –Jim Croce ========== Somewhere around seven years ago, give or take, I was really impressed with the idea of message boards. Several of my friends had started them and I was, well, digging it. So I decided to start one […]

New Podcast!

For the very very few of you who didn’t get my email, I wanted to let you know: I have started a new podcast, entitled “It Was 20 Years Ago Today.”  There will be new episodes almost daily, with each episode running five minutes or less. It’s about history and memory, and I think it’s […]